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2014 Christmas 2014-12-13 Click on this link to view our Fun Christmas CardBe sure and come back here to view our Animated Christmas Tree below.
A Debt You Owe But Can Never Pay 2013-03-15 No matter how well you handle your finances, save your money for a rainy day, do good deeds, live honestly, and pay your debts on a timely basis, there is still  A Debt You Owe But Can Never Pay … the sin debt!  … The only way for the sin debt to be satisfied and paid in full is by accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.
A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken 2016-04-11 Almost every day our modern news media provides coverage of a major disaster that has taken place somewhere in the world. Think back with me for a moment.  Do you recall the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people? How about the effects of Hurricane Katrina that flooded 80% of New Orleans and resulted in the loss of 1,484 lives in 2005?  In 2015 alone there were over 150 major natural disasters.  A December, 2015 World Vision article chronicles just six of the worst that occurred in that year alone (Earthquake — Nepal: Flood — Chennai, India; Heat wave — southern India; Typhoon and monsoon rains — Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India; Flood — Malawi and Mozambique; Drought — Ethiopia).
A Recollection – Pine Lake Baptist Church Fire – June, 1996 2012-06-24 How God used Pine Lake Baptist Church to help change the tide of the negative international media reporting in 1996 regarding an unusual increase in the number of church fires.
A Servant’s Attitude 2013-04-10 Just what do I mean by the term servant? And what is it about these two men that qualify them to be called a servant? Let’s turn to the scriptures for an example of a servant that each of us should be emulating in both attitude and action.
A True Hero 2013-03-07 So what is a True Hero?  And how do you identify a True Hero?  The Bible offers a number of examples of true heroism that have withstood the test of time.  In speaking about faith, the writer of Hebrews 11 mentions many of them including Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Rahab.
Abounding in Thanksgiving 2016-02-09 Some time between 54-56 AD a fledgling Christian church was founded in the ancient city of Colosse (aka Colossae).   Colossae was located one hundred miles southeast of the city of Ephesus in Phrygia, which at the time was part of the Roman province of Asia (modern-day Turkey).  It is thought that the church was founded by Epaphras (Colossians 1:5-7), a convert to Christianity likely saved on a visit to Ephesus during Paul’s three-year Ephesian ministry (54-56 AD).
All The People Shouted 2017-01-10 Have you ever been so excited in the Lord that you could shout?  As Christians most of us are far too reserved to be so outward-going with our enthusiasm for what God is doing in our life.  After all what will others think?  Shout? Well, that’s exactly what some formerly captive Jews did in the midst of their worship when celebrating the completion of the foundation for a new structure in the city of Jerusalem more than 2,500 years ago:  All the people shouted!!
All Things New 2019-10-21 Even at the end of the growing season amidst the fog and rain, our Raised Bed Mountain Garden is still BEAUTIFUL!
America and the War on Terror 2015-03-17 My friend, Dr. Don Hattaway, clearly explains that it is time for America to respond to the radical Islamist terrorists wreaking havoc on the world.  I urge you to listen to his bold message.

America and the War on Terror – Dr Don Hattaway

An Anchor in the Time of the Storm 2012-11-07 God Almighty knows that we will face such adversity throughout our lives.  He knew the storms in our life would have the potential to sweep us away. So God provided a sure anchor for us in such times.  That anchor is Jesus!
An Attitude of Thankfulness 2012-11-13 I have so much for which to be thankful: my personal faith in the one and only triumvirate Almighty God, my wife, my children and grandchildren, … my great-grandchild, my extended family, my church, a happy life in a free country full of opportunity, my health, my material blessings, even my trials and temptations … an endless list!
An Attitude of Thanklessness 2013-01-12 An attitude of thanklessness takes our focus away from the Lord promoting pettiness and occupation with self, people, and problems which in turn cause depression and ultimately hopelessness.  Let us place our focus on living as God’s children instead of the world’s children.
And Miriam Sang to Them 2017-03-17 Singing hymns and praises to God is an essential part of our modern-day worship experience.  Numerous references to music in worship are found throughout the Bible from both the Old and New Testaments.  The first mention of music is found in Genesis 4:21 where Jubal  is identified as “the father of all those who play the lyre and pipe.”  The last mention is found in Revelation 18:20-23 where Heaven rejoices over Babylon’s final fall “… and the sound of harpists and musicians, of flute players and trumpeters [of Babylon], will be heard in you no more.” (v. 22a)
Be Generous in Every Way 2017-01-27 God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16 ESV).  This Bible verse portrays the greatest gift ever given … God’s son  Jesus!  Jesus did for man what only He could do … sacrifice His perfect life as the payment for ALL of man’s sins.
Be Joyful in Hope 2013-02-26 What is your concept of hope?  And how can there be joy in life’s dire circumstances?  The Bible teaches that circumstances must not dictate the Christian’s hope and joy in this life.  God’s hope and joy are independent of our circumstances.  How can that be?
Be Strong in The Lord! 2013-05-19 God knows, God cares and God will provide! Our God is strong and mighty! He is up to the battle. He knows and wants what is best for Sawyer. The strength to face the uncertain days ahead for Ashlyn and Josh and the rest of their extended family will come from our faith in one all-powerful source: The Lord God Almighty!
Believers as Givers versus Takers 2011-09-05 The primary purpose of this article is to point out some of the fundamental differences between givers and takers and hopefully persuade some believers to move from being a taker to a giver.  I hope you will find the information helpful.
Blessings in Disguise* – a Thanksgiving Devotional 2011-11-24 At times I have been so focused on “asking” in my prayer life that I have often neglected to thank God for “the storms, the wintertime, the nighttime, and the sickroom experiences” that my wife and I have faced over the years.
Born Twice! 2019-04-07 I was born the first time in the midst of World War II. I was born the second time twelve years later. No, I did not physically die, nor was I reincarnated. But both births were miraculous. My first birth was physical in nature. My second birth was spiritual. I was directly involved in both births, but simply as a participant. Someone else did all of the hard work for me!
Brokenness 2013-10-15 Once broken, God can mold us and re-make us into what He wants us to be.  No matter how hard we try on our own, we cannot re-make ourselves.  He is the Creator of all that is.  He knows the minutest detail about each of us … even the placement of every hair on our body.  Healing and re-making God’s creation is God’s business.
but God … 2014-03-25 Man has his own ideas about how things should work here on earth, but God may have an entirely different plan in mind.   If we allow Him to do so, God will show man His will In His Time to prosper, protect, defeat, strengthen, lead, correct, comfort, heal, teach, punish, approve, restore, forgive and even save us from our sins!  Praise God for who He is!
Calling Evil Good – The Abortion Tragedy 2012-10-14 This is a significant update to an article first posted on October 14, 2012 … support for the Sanctity of Life continues to spiral downward.  The Bible clearly teaches that it is the Christian’s responsibility to sow what is right, oppose what is wrong, and to leave it up to God to do what is within His Holy will.  This is without regard to what the government legislates.  Doing what is right in the sight of God is not an option … it is a mandate.
Calling Evil Good – The Abortion Tragedy 2013-12-29 Abortion is the curse of our times and has lowered the world to a level of depravity never before experienced.  When we as a people can place more value on an Eagle Egg than we do a Human Being, what does that say about us?  Christians, we should be shouting from the rooftops that abortion is unjustified killing … MURDER!
Christ ALWAYS Leads Us in Triumphal Procession 2014-11-27 For many years when I was asked if I had a favorite Bible verse I would quickly respond with Paul’s words from his letter to the Corinthian church recorded in 2 Corinthians 2:14.  I love the way that the verse reads in the King James Version of the Bible:  “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.”  I love the assurance of ALWAYS being triumphant in Christ.  But there is much more going on here with Paul for which we, too, can be thankful.
Christianity versus Islam 2011-02-18 In 1984 I recall reading a Newsweek Magazine article that greatly troubled me.  The article depicted two Muslim fathers, one from Iraq and the other from Iran, which had “lost” their soldier sons in the Iraq/Iran war.  Both of the sons were a mere 12 years old.
Committed to a Different Lifestyle 2011-01-03 The Bible teaches that Christians are to stand out, to be different from the world, and to adopt the behavior of Christ.
Contemplate God’s Sovereignty 2014-05-17 As I write this article I am recovering from my second round of serious colon surgery in the last six months.  At three score and ten years of age, this is really the first time I have had significant surgery that requires an extensive recovery period.  I must admit that I am surprised that the physical recovery has been much more difficult than I anticipated.
Do Not Fear 2011-10-16 Trusting in our own strength in perilous times is such a feeble approach to life when we have the All Powerful Jehovah God as our protector.
Do! – A Call to Right Christian Action 2011-11-23 Why is it so hard for man to “do” what is right?  An easy answer is that while God created man in His own image, He also gave man the ability to choose.  One can conclude that it’s by choice that man makes most of his own decisions and turns those into his own actions.
Eternal Life Secured 2019-01-03 The Gospel writer John records the words of Jesus describing Himself as The Good Shepherd in John 10. Jesus uses a remarkable analogy that would have been totally familiar to those  following Him through the Temple during the Feast of Dedication (aka Hanukkah and The Festival of Lights.)
Everything Created By God Is Good 2015-11-23 After Paul was released from his first imprisonment in Rome (AD 62), he returned to several of the cities where he and his associates (such as Silas, Barnabas, Timothy) had witnessed and established Christian churches.  Upon leaving Ephesus and traveling on into Macedonia, Paul left Timothy (“… his true child in the faith (1 Timothy 1:1))” behind to deal with a number of issues that had developed in the fledgling Ephesian church.  While in Macedonia Paul wrote his first letter to Timothy on how to deal with a number of these issues such as false doctrine (1 Timothy 1:3–7; 4:1–3; 6:3–5), disorder in worship (2:1–15), the need for qualified leaders (3:1–14), and materialism (6:6–19).
Experiencing The Indwelling Life of Christ 2014-03-02 So many today are trying to claim Christianity apart from Jesus, THE Christ, THE Messiah, THE Savior, THE Son of God, God Himself.  They call themselves Christian for many reasons.  Some claim Christianity because they admire Jesus. Some say they are Christians because they were raised in a home where their parents were Christian.  Others refer to themselves as Christians because they attend a Christian church.  Some say they are Christians because they believe in God. …
Facing Tough Times 2011-01-31 It is a given that all of us will face tough times at one time another in our lives. Some people move from one crisis to the next . . . illness of parents, personal illness, rebellious teenagers, depression, job loss, financial burdens, divorce, the so-called “mid-life crisis”. The list is endless.
Fairchild Oak 2017-10-04 Last week dear friends introduced me to an amazing creation of our Heavenly Father … the 2,000+ year old, 30 foot in circumference “Fairchild Oak” located in Bulow Creek State Park near Ormond Beach, Florida. As I stood in awe at the base of this magnificent creation, I realized that it was already in existence when “… God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, ESV)
Formed for God’s Purpose 2013-02-03 Do you have an ultimate purpose for your life? Are you driven to rise to the top of the corporate world? Do you want to accumulate vast wealth? Do you want to be a great political leader? Is great fame your goal? Are you still chasing that teenage dream of becoming a famous sports star? …
From Persecutor to Persecuted 2013-08-22 Christian, God can use unjust persecution aimed at you for His positive purpose. Don’t be discouraged when you are persecuted for God’s sake.  God just may have something amazing in mind for you to counter that persecution!
Fully God, Fully Man!! 2010-11-29 The great price that Jesus Christ paid for the forgiveness of our sins.
Gay Marriage Rally 2012-05-25 A sickening development … bowing to those who want to destroy the very fiber of our nation!  If you don’t think TV and the mass media can influence the general populace to adopt lifestyles totally opposite from what the Bible teaches, take a look at the article below by Mark Z. Barabak in the Los Angeles Times.
Georgia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) 2016-10-14 The video below explains in everyday language why the citizens of Georgia need RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) to protect our religious freedoms. Please watch it and then share it.
God Came Down To Our Place – a Christmas Devotion 2013-12-23 Christmas is all about “God with us” versus “everything else with us” such as Santa, trees, lights, elves, reindeer presents, toys, family, children, grandchildren, friends, parties, etc.
God is Faithful!! 2013-05-10 “Baby Murphy,” our much-anticipated great-grandson has arrived!!  Our granddaughter, Ashlyn and her husband Josh are the parents of Sawyer Joshua Murphy.  Sawyer was born early Thursday morning, May 9, 2013 at 12:09am at the Gwinnett Medical Center.  Sawyer weighed in at eight pounds even and 21 3/4 inches long.  As diagnosed in advance by the medical team, Sawyer was born with multiple heart issues that will require multiple surgeries.
God Listens and Restores – Hezekiah’s Illness and Recovery 2014-06-01 Did God change His mind regarding Hezekiah’s future and instead heal him of his fatal illness?  If you followed what was included in the background above, then you know the answer.
God Will Provide 2013-01-24 Troubles are sometimes the prelude to opportunity … opportunity to triumph over adversity … opportunity to gain a better understanding of ourselves and others … opportunity to face a problem head-on … opportunity to allow God to take over a situation for us … opportunity to help someone else through their similar troubles … opportunity to give glory to God for His great loving kindness.
God Will Provide 2018-01-25 Christian, I have good news upon which you can rely. Whatever the situation might be, God is in control. God always hears your prayers. God always has THE answer for ALL of your troubles. GOD WILL PROVIDE!!
God Will Provide 2020-03-17 A Lesson on Living the Christian Life in Times of Trouble.  Suitable for an individual, small group and/or family devotion.
God’s Glory Roll 2012-05-11 When you are saved, God writes your name down in “The Lamb’s Book of Life.”  The “Lamb” is Jesus.  It is His book.  It is God’s Glory Roll.  The names of all those who are going to Heaven through the saving grace of Jesus Christ are written there and will be there for eternity.
God’s Solution for Anxiety 2012-07-29 So God’s Solution for Anxiety is not really that hard to apply to the Christian’s life.  It is a choice, a choice that we should make.   Given that, here’s a question I’ve asked myself:  Why did it take me so long to turn over my anxiety to Him?
Growing in Wisdom 2019-01-02 My heart’s desire in the coming year is to”grow in wisdom.” Wisdom doesn’t just grow with age. Wisdom is not simply acquired through education. Admittedly, some wisdom is learned through life experiences.  But “true” wisdom is a gift from God.
His Grace is Sufficient for Me 2012-06-01 God’s grace is not something that is earned, rather it is provided freely to those who trust in the all mighty, all powerful, all sufficiency of the Lord.
His Way 2019-01-05 In the last days before His brutal crucifixion, agonizing death, glorious resurrection, and ascension back to Heaven, Jesus and His disciples gathered for the Feast of the Passover.  During supper, knowing that the appropriate time had come and in an act of pure love, Jesus rose to his feet, laid aside his outer garments, tied a towel around His waist and washed His disciples feet (John 13:1-11).
Hope and Change 2012-10-27 Real “change” requires true repentance and a willingness to give up old worldly ways for dealing with life’s issues.  Israel was blessed when they followed God’s instruction and they suffered greatly when they didn’t.  Partial repentance is not enough.  We can’t pick and choose the portions of God’s Word with which we want to agree.  There is no bargaining with God.  It is His way or our way.  His way leads to real hope and change.
Hope for 2019 2019-01-01 Thinking about the New Year and new opportunities for 2019, I was reminded of the letter the prophet Jeremiah sent to the Jewish exiles that Nebuchadnezzar had carried off to Babylon after sacking Jerusalem in 587 BC. In that letter Jeremiah related an important message of hope directly from God.
How Great Are Your Works 2014-11-01 Our church loves to sing hymns of thanksgiving and praise to our Lord.  Singing is a magnificent way to worship God.  It helps us to calm our souls and put us in communication with the One and Only Almighty God.  We don’t have to be at church to sing praises to God.  We can sing out loud or silently as we go about our daily tasks.
How Great Thou Art 2010-12-27 You would think that after singing this hymn so many times it would become old and routine to me.  Yet every time I sing it, the words “well up” inside of me and I feel the power of God working through its presentation.
How Majestic Is Your Name 2014-11-01 The Thanksgiving season is a wonderful time to visit Bible passages that turn our hearts and minds away from our troubled world toward God and His rich blessings.  Let us count our blessings and give praise to our Maker and Redeemer.
How to Become a Christian 2011-03-05 The steps that you need to follow to become a Christian
I Learned A Lot From Sterling 2019-01-18 I share this with my friends and followers … a wonderful tribute to Pastor Sterling Lynn … Home with Jesus.
If I Were the Devil 2013-09-23 Along your way you will experience doubt, discouragement, detours and distractions – all products of the devil.  The devil wants to sidetrack you as you attempt to lead a successful life in Christ.  Satan will attack your mind in secret tempting you to lead a double life.   Thankfully, there is a way to avoid the wiles of the devil.  The Christian has the armor of God available
If You Want to Hear God Laugh, Tell Him You Have a Plan 2012-12-14 I have thought about this saying repeatedly over the last month and have laughed along with God at myself and how many times I shared my plans with Him only to have Him in His great wisdom laugh at me and guide me to His plan instead.
Immanuel – God With Us 2014-12-17 When Jesus Christ was born to the virgin Mary, the long anticipated Messiah (Savior) had come into the world.   God, in human flesh, had come to earth to abide among mankind. Praise God!  God’s long-standing promise to send a Savior for His people, Immanuel, now dwelt among men!
In His Own Image 2011-12-27 For this article, let’s focus on just one question:  Why would God create man in His own image?
In His Time 2012-04-24 God alone is in control of time!!!  Time is His.  He does things “in His time.”  God was there before time was established. God was there at creation and He created everything “in His time.”
In the Midst of Counselors 2013-04-29 When making important decisions, the individual advice from someone of great wisdom is golden.  The collective advice from a group of wise counselors can be priceless.
Intentional Deceit 2014-04-22 Third in the series “The Fall of a Godly Nation.  The Lies and Intimidation of Sennacherib.
Is Anything too Hard for God? 2011-02-08 Sometimes it seems like you are facing insurmountable odds.  This is especially true in times of great personal difficulty.  You’ve tried everything on your own, including seeking the help and trusted advice of others and nothing seems to work out positively.
Jesus Gave Thanks 2017-01-17 Most Christians are familiar with the fact that Jesus performed a miracle using loaves and fishes to feed a large crowd of people that were following Him to hear His powerful teaching and witness His healing power.  The Bible actually records that Jesus performed two such miracles.
Lamb of God 2017-12-20 Of all the names ascribed to Jesus in the Bible, perhaps the most significant one is the “Lamb of God.”  Without the fulfillment of the role of Jesus as the perfect sacrificial lamb, there would be no eternal forgiveness of sin.
Lest Any Man Should Boast – Sennacherib Blasphemes Jehovah 2014-06-11 Jerusalem was terrified.  But God had a plan.  Isaiah prophesied that under God the Assyrian army would withdraw and Sennacherib would meet his demise without taking Jerusalem.
Let Us Reason Together 2012-08-17 God invites man to reason with Him.  Reasoning with God requires that man respect God’s position and His far superior perfect knowledge.  Man must reason with God on His terms.  Doing the opposite or leaving God out of our reasoning altogether is a guarantee for disaster.
Lifestyle Choices and Biblical Truth 2011-11-04 Unfortunately, otherwise Godly Christian leaders have fallen prey to believe in situational ethics by supporting lifestyle choices that are diametrically opposed to what God’s Word teaches.
Longing for Springtime 2019-01-26 I am so ready for spring and early summer in our Mentone Flower and Vegetable garden! Enjoy some of our memories from last year at this link.
Made in the Holy Image of God 2019-02-06 Dr. Mohler’s Essay captures the essence of the high point and the simultaneous low point in President Trump’s State of the Union Address. Thank you President Trump for standing up for the most helpless and under represented members of today’s humans in the United States of America … our unborn (and even just born) babies!! How can God allow us to continue to butcher our next generation “made in the holy image of God”??
Moving On – In Accordance With God’s Will 2013-11-28 Listening to God is essential to walking with God.  Take that first step with faith believing that God will reveal your next move when you need to know.  There is no need for a Christian to remain in a state of confusion as to God’s will for their life.
My Strength and Shield 2014-11-18 All of God’s children will face difficulties and adversity while here on earth.  Trying circumstances,  severe illness, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, disappointment with the actions of a wayward youth,  unwarranted persecution … just to mention a few.   In such times Christians can ALWAYS depend upon The Lord to see them through.
OMG – Oh My God! (repost) 2016-02-03 I first published this article on December 20, 2013.  Taking God’s name in vain is serious business.  Our society in general, including so many Christians, think nothing of the blasphemous practice.  I am re-posting the article in hopes that it will remind and encourage many (including myself) of the command to reverence the name of God in all of our communication … both verbal and written.  Jim Davenport, February 2, 2016.
OMG – Oh My God! 2013-12-20 So, what does it mean to “take the name of the Lord your God in vain?”  I like John Piper’s explanation.  Piper explains that the idea of vanity is involved.  Behind the command is the admonition that when we do this we “empty the name.”  It is not about the tone of the voice nor the circumstances about which the phrase is used.  It is “speaking of God in a way that empties Him of His significance.”
On Biblical Giving to the Local Church 2011-07-28 Why do so many fail to give generously to their church?  You won’t be shocked by my overly simplistic conclusion.
On Child Sacrifice 2012-07-01 How can so many blatantly ignore that the “murder” of an unborn baby, a child, or an adult for that matter, is totally against what God and the Holy Bible teach us about the sanctity of life?  Yet all three branches of our government … executive, legislative and judicial … have  proposed, discussed, passed and verified under close examination that abortion is legal in the USA
On Christians Spreading Rumors and Gossip in the Church 2011-06-09 Nothing hurts a church more than the spreading of false rumors and gossip. Being honest with ourselves, all Christians must admit that at one time or another we have spread rumors.
On Class Warfare and Demonizing the Rich 2012-08-29 Those who unmercifully attacked Dan Cathy for days on end know little about this fine man, his strong Christian values, neither his family nor their successful business.  Some have even said and/or insinuated that Cathy is a hate monger who excludes those who do not agree with his religious position. Nothing could be further from the truth.
On Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood 2011-02-23 Those who think that the Muslim Brotherhood supports a truly democratic outcome for Egypt …  have either purposefully ignored, or failed to understand, the history of the group and particularly their still existing motto.
On Harboring a Grudge 2011-03-26 At its worst, harboring a grudge can lead to bitterness, gossip, estrangement, slander and even hatred.  At its best, harboring a grudge can lead to a lack of commitment, subversion of cooperation, undue negative influence on others … especially those who are weaker in the faith.
On Not Being Fed 2011-09-20 I can recall a number of instances over my lifetime where a rather mature Christian has shared with me their dissatisfaction with the leadership and/or direction of their local church.
On Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law 2011-05-12 Pakistan’s laws are diametrically opposed to those of the USA when it comes to the freedom of religion.
On Proper Corporate Worship 2011-01-21 More congregations are turning away from the Biblical worship model (psalms, hymns, scripture, prayer, offering including tithing and giving, Bible based preaching, invitation to receive Christ as Savior, communion, baptism) in favor of a crowd pleasing, self-serving program designed to make people feel good.
On Radical Islam and Jihad 2011-02-25 Radical Islamists will do whatever it takes to accomplish what they believe Allah has ordained them to do.
On the Sanctity of Life and Abortion 2011-01-25 I am burdened by the way that we so easily brush off the “lawful” murder/sacrifice of unborn children in the US.
On Volunteering in a Faith Based Environment 2017-02-22 As a child, my family always went to church and I had little or no choice in the matter until I was an older teenager.  I was constantly exposed to the formal preaching and teaching that one would expect and was involved in most of the church programs suitable for my age group.  I was a rambunctious kid and loved to be the center of attention … somewhat of a comedian.  My personality often got me in trouble with those in charge but early on it was evident that I had some leadership qualities as others followed my lead whether right or wrong.  Fortunately, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior when I was twelve years old.
Our 2015 Garden Story Has Started 2015-05-08 Welcome to the 2015  year at Jim & Charlotte’s Raised Bed Garden located on Lookout Mountain in NE Alabama.  Use the comment box at the end of this article to let us know what you think.  Enjoy!
Our Comforter 2013-02-15 I was born the first time during the midst of World War II.  I was born the second time twelve years later.  No, I did not physically die, nor was I reincarnated.  But both births were miraculous.  My first birth was physical in nature.  My second birth was spiritual.  I was directly involved in both births, but primarily as a participant.   Someone else did all of the hard work for me.
Our Divine Advocate 2015-09-12 Webster defines an advocate as: 1)  a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy; 2) a person who works for a cause or group; 3) a person who argues for the cause of another person in a court of law. Let’s focus a bit on the third definition.   You may be thinking something like … “Thank goodness for the person who supported/defended me in my court appearance;” or  “I have never in my life needed such a person;” or “I don’t need such a person now as I am my own best advocate.”   Friend, no matter what you are thinking right now, there is an advocate that everyone needs …  His name is Jesus, The Christ, Our Divine Advocate!
Our Source of Courage 2013-06-17 How is it possible that two relatively young Christians can continuously exhibit so much Christian faith and genuine courage as they face such difficult times?   How did they muster the strength to continue in the face of such heartbreak?  What can we learn from the experience of this young couple that will strengthen us so that we can face similar difficulties that lie ahead?
Parading Your Own Glory – The Consequences of Hezekiah’s Pride 2014-07-03 Hezekiah’s dependence upon God for delivery from the Assyrians was short-lived. Instead of giving God ALL of the glory for the defeat of Sennacherib’s army, Hezekiah fell prey to his own pride.
Passing the Mantle – The Failure of a Godly Father 2014-09-06 This article picks up with King Hezekiah still on the throne of Judah in the year 702 BC. It discusses Isaiah’s warning from God to Hezekiah, explores the transition of the throne from Hezekiah to his son Manasseh, discusses some of the highlights of Manasseh’s reign and concludes with a life lesson especially for fathers.
Pray With Confidence 2012-09-23 Christians have God indwelling in us and we are also simultaneously seated in Christ Jesus at the Father God’s right hand.  What a lofty position the Christian occupies in God’s kingdom!!  Knowing this Christian, why would you pray so timidly?  By the Grace of God the Christian has been pulled up from the miry, fleshly clay and seated with Jesus.  That is a powerful, powerful message!
Ready for Battle 2020-03-21 Tonight my wife and I read the devotion, “Ready for Battle,” from “The Heart of Worship” daily devotional book that we obtained through our church (Christ Place Church, Flowery Branch, GA) in December, 2019. You may also use this book in your daily devotions as well and are already familiar with this selection authored by Dr. David Edwards from Oklahoma City, OK.
Rejoice Always! 2019-12-08 Christians are never helpless victims of circumstances.  Joy does not come from what happens to us.  Rather, it results primarily from our attitude and the way we respond to our life experiences.
Rejoice Always 2015-11-17 The Apostle Paul was a prisoner under house arrest in Rome from 60-62 AD.  He had every reason to be discouraged.  But Paul’s relentless enthusiasm for the Lord would not be limited in any way by his circumstances.  Paul knew that his imprisonment had “served to advance the gospel” and bring confidence and boldness to his fellow Christians “to speak the word without fear (Philippians 1:12-14).”  Paul remained a constant source of encouragement telling his brothers and sisters in Philippi to “Rejoice Always.”
Renewed Like the Eagle’s 2014-11-03 When you receive Jesus as your Savior, God immediately places the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit within you to guide your every action.  We are new creatures empowered and protected by Almighty God Himself.  Yielding to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to act through you will keep you in a constant state of renewal.
Revisiting … “On Christians Spreading Rumors and Gossip in the Church” 2011-10-28 The problem of spreading rumors and gossip in the local church must be very troubling to a significant number of people.  So I have decided to add some additional insight and scriptures on the topic for those who are seeking guidance on how to best deal with such a problem in their local church.
Revival Before the Fall 2014-01-25 Second in the series “The Fall of a Godly Nation.” Hezekiah Brings Reforms and Revival to Judah.  Hezekiah takes the opposite approach from his father Ahaz and instead followed the way of his grandfather, King Jotham.  As a result, Hezekiah returned Judah to the sole and true worship of Yahweh.
Salvation Brings About Positive Change 2011-02-14 When one becomes a Christian, things change.  We need to get on board with God.  The salvation experience demands change … permanent change.  Our will must give way to God’s will.
Set Your Feet Upon The Rock 2016-11-24 Over my lifetime patience has not been one of my strongest virtues.  But as I have grown older I have learned through personal experience that waiting on the Lord and His perfect timing are key to God’s plan for my life.   No matter the circumstances, God, in His infinite wisdom, knows “what” is best for me and “when” and “how” it is best accomplished in accordance with His will.
Seven Keys to Successful Christian Living 2011-11-16 Paul clears up some doctrinal questions for the Thessalonian regarding Christ’s return providing seven keys for successful Christian living that applied so well in that day and still do for modern-day Christians who are living in the turmoil and ridicule of today’s society.
Sin’s Earthly Consequences 2012-05-18 While the blood of Jesus was shed for the forgiveness of sin and accepting Him as our Savior guarantees an eternal sinless life in Heaven with Him, we often pay the consequences for our sin on earth while we are here.
Sing To The Lord With Thanksgiving 2014-11-15 Our church, Blackshear Place Baptist Church* (www.bpbc.org) located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA has an amazing 100+ voice choir!  Singing hymns and praises along with the choir and orchestra provides for a wonderful and worshipful experience for the large congregation at each worship service.
So Where Is My Choice? A Father’s Day Message on the Sanctity of Life 2012-06-17 One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was … “What if my mother and father had decided to have an abortion when she was pregnant with me … there would be no love between me and my mother and father, no life at all, no dearly beloved wife of 49 years, no children, no grandchildren, no great-grandchildren.
Songs of Thanksgiving 2017-11-23 Jeremiah prophesied during the seventh century BC and into the sixth century BC.   His direct call from God came in the thirteenth year of the reign of King Josiah of Judah in 626 BC (Jeremiah 25:3).  The prophets Zephaniah, Habakkuk, and Daniel were contemporaries.  For Israel and Judah, Jeremiah largely prophesied a message of impending judgement and exile.
Successful Execution of the Wrong Plan 2014-02-13 Third in the series “The Fall of a Godly Nation.  King Hezekiah loved God with all of his heart and is remembered as a “good king” of Judah even today.  But he made a huge mistake that many leaders still make today.  The tunnel, the broad wall and other man-made fortifications and plans were not sufficient to protect Jerusalem from the wrath of their enemies.  Why not?  Because these were man’s solutions, not God’s solutions!
Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul – Seth and Bessie Sykes 2015-10-15 Since the original posting of my article, Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul, on January 14, 2011, and a subsequent update on July 14, 2012 the article has been read by internet users thousands of times. I suppose that is because a lot of lives were positively affected by this little song some time earlier in their lifetime. Or it could be that the song reminds folks of a special time in their lives which was very important to them. I am pleased that so many people have found the article worthwhile, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday which occurs in November in the USA. With this update (October 21, 2015), I am providing additional background on the songwriters and their evangelistic ministry gained through personal communication with direct descendants of Seth and Bessie Sykes, authors of Thank You Lord.
Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul – Update 2012-07-14 Additional information about Seth and Bessie Sykes … authors of the world-wide loved hymn “Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul” … to better understand the story behind a hymn to better understand the purpose of the songwriters in penning it to begin with.
Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul 2011-01-13 I wonder if Seth and Bessie Sykes knew what an impact their simple hymn and chorus would have on future generations. I, for one, am indebted to them for this wonderful hymn and chorus.
Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular: Part 1 2012-11-20 The Pilgrims … The background of how a day of Thanksgiving took root with the Pilgrims in the Plymouth colony in 1621. Part 1 of 4.
Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular: Part 2 2012-11-27 Beyond the Pilgrims to George Washington … Following the Pilgrims’ religiously based Thanksgiving celebration, God worked through many other early colonists in North America such as governors, clergy, military leaders, the Continental Congress, and ultimately President George Washington to observe a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for His mercy, providential care and manifold blessings.
Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular: Part 3 2012-12-09 Beyond George Washington to Abraham Lincoln. … Highlights the period of time from 1795 until 1863 providing background of how the Thanksgiving Day moved from a national day of celebration proclaimed by the President to a lengthy period where the states took the lead due to the first amendment which guarantees the separation of church and state. Then finally a nationwide Thanksgiving Day was restored during the midst of the Civil War by President Abraham Lincoln
Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular: Part 4 2012-12-26 Beyond Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama … fourth article and final article in this series highlights the period of time and some of the major Thanksgiving Day proclamations and related events by presidents beyond Abraham Lincoln
Thanksgiving Praise Devotions 2017-11-06 If you are looking for a series of devotions for the Thanksgiving season, then check out my Thanksgiving Praise series at the following links.
That’s A Good Place to Say Amen 2011-01-08 Dr. O. M. Seigler served as Interim Pastor at Pine Lake Baptist Church in 1974 and again in the early 1980’s. Dr. Seigler was an incredible man.
The Alpha and The Omega 2015-03-11 Around 95 AD the Apostle John,  as the last survivor of the original twelve disciples of Jesus, was a prisoner of Rome confined to a remote penal colony located on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea.  John had been sentenced to prison for his incessant preaching about Jesus.  But even in prison and well over ninety years old, John and his persistent message about Jesus Christ would not be silenced.  It was on Patmos that John, through God’s angel, recorded  “The revelation of Jesus Christ … to show to His servants the things that must soon take place (Revelation 1:1-3).”  In His opening words of the Revelation to John, God refers to Himself as “the Alpha and the Omega.”
The Author of Eternal Salvation 2015-02-17 The Bible teaches us that God is the Creator of all things (Genesis 1:1, John 1:3, Colossians 1:16).  He has always existed, even before He created matter, time and space … the universe, the heavens, the earth, man.  He is the great “I Am” (Exodus 3:14).  God is unique … the one and only true God and Savior (Jude 1:25).  God will continue to exist for ALL of eternity (Psalm 90:2).  He, and He alone, is perfect … and through Jesus, God is THE Author of Eternal Salvation .
The Believer’s Sufficiency in Christ 2011-11-30 Paul was in prison … wrongly accused … yet he wrote his letter of thankfulness for an offering that had been provided by the members of the church at Phillipi.
The Bread of Life 2011-03-05 The only miracle that is recorded in each of the four Gospels is the feeding of the five thousand.  The Gospel of John, chapter six provides us great insight into the nature of Jesus as the Bread of Life.
The Fall of a Godly Nation – Conclusion: Is It Too Late For America? 2014-09-20 Is it too late for America to be turned away from our path of self-destruction?  As a Christian and a patriotic American I believe that the answer is No!  God is a God of hope!  God is a God of promises! His promises are recorded in His Holy Word and He will keep them!  God is a God of righteousness and He requires His children to be obedient to His commands!
The Fall of A Godly Nation 2014-01-17 An Introduction to a series of articles on ancient Israel and Judah that draw parallels to our modern day … I see such a strong parallel between Israel and Judah to our modern-day world.  In particular, the United States of America … so blessed by God over our history … has turned almost totally away from God’s teachings.  Only a remnant remains faithful and lives in accordance with God’s commands.  First in a series of articles that will comprise a small book on King Hezekiah of Judah and King Sennacherib of Assyria.
The Good Shepherd 2014-12-29 In Biblical times the life and risks for a shepherd were well understood by almost everyone.  Shepherding was considered to be a lowly, lonely, dangerous and dirty position  … usually left to the youngest men of the family.  Among other things, sheep had to be protected, fed, led to good pasture land and water sources, kept together, clipped and groomed.  When a sheep strayed from the flock the shepherd was responsible for locating the wayward one and returning it safely to the fold.  How appropriate that Jesus would refer to Himself as The Good Shepherd … a shepherd willing to lay down His life for His sheep.
The Greatest Gift Ever Given 2010-12-25 The cross was not the end as Jesus gloriously rose from the dead conquering both sin and death and providing a way of salvation for all of mankind.
The Last Adam 2015-03-27 Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology says that “Adam” is both the proper name of the first human and a designation for humankind.” The Bible specifically refers to two men with the name Adam.  God created the first man, Adam … “a living being,” … “a living creature” … from the dust of the ground and “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life” (Genesis 2:7).
The Light of the World 2015-01-05 The Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  It was built between 280-247 BC at the Nile River Delta by the Ptolemaic Kingdom.  At over 450 feet tall the constantly burning fires at its peak provided “light” to guide all military and merchant vessels into Alexandria’s grand harbor.  Land travelers also counted on the “light”, visible for many miles inland, to navigate their way to the colossal city founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.  The lighthouse stood and functioned for more than fifteen hundred years, ultimately rendered useless in 1323 after multiple earthquakes.
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah 2015-11-04 Lions are both majestic and fearsome. Their muscular build, courage, strength, ferocity and sheer power have earned them the title “King of the Jungle.”  Under the right conditions a male lions’ roar can be heard as far away as 5 miles!  But paradoxically, the Bible tells us that there will come a time when the ferocious lion will lie down with the helpless lamb.
The Lord Is A Warrior 2015-05-23 Christian, you do not have to fight your battles on your own.  Even when circumstances seem impossible and fear overwhelms you, do not lose heart (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).  God is always in your corner (Romans 8:31-32).  God will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).   He has provided ALL of the armor needed for battle (Ephesians 6:10-17). And history has proven that The Lord is a Warrior … your Warrior!
The Lost Generation 2012-06-08 We live in a world that is lost.  The vast majority of our American people are lost.  Our leadership is lost.  Even our President appears to be lost as he supports popular and self-serving political policies that are directly opposed to God’s Ten Commandments.
THE MESSIAH 2015-04-02 My interest in George Frideric Handel’s (1685-1759) Oratorio,  Messiah (1741), dates back to my high school days in the church youth choir.  Our Minister of Music introduced us to what I now know was a rather simplistic version of one selection from Handel’s Messiah, the Hallelujah Chorus.  He challenged our fifty voice choir to learn and sing it from memory in four-part harmony in a Palm Sunday night service … quite an assignment for a bunch of students with little to no musical training and mostly interested in just about anything except music.  However, when presented, the congregation enthusiastically stood once we began singing and at the conclusion exploded with applause and verbal amens.   I can still feel the goosebumps!  Only later did we find out that standing during the Hallelujah Chorus was a long-time tradition!
THE MESSIAH 2019-12-12 Christians hold fast to the promise that Jesus Christ, THE MESSIAH, will return to us for a second time (Acts 1:11). No one knows the time when this marvelous event will occur, but Scripture provides countless clues.
The Mountain Peaks Belong to Him 2014-11-02 Two of our favorite places in all of the earth are the mountains and the seashore.  We love the fresh air, cool breezes and beautiful colors of the fall season in the mountains.  The constant movement of the tides to and fro and the endless waves breaking on the sandy shore are Godly music to our ears.  We leave the troubles of the world behind when we visit these sanctuaries created by the Lord.  What a privilege to know that God as Creator put all of this in place for His children.
The Names of Jesus Devotions 2017-12-12 Access to twenty devotions based on the Names of Jesus in the Scripture.
The Proper Order 2011-01-01 David had become king of Israel and had determined that the Ark of the Covenant should be moved to Jerusalem, which was now known as the “city of David.” This was the right thing to do. However, …
The Redeemer 2015-04-28 The term Redeemer originates from the Hebrew word Goel (go’el).  Easton’s Bible Dictionary says that the  Old Testament usage of the word Redeemer refers to  “… one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs.”  Redemption involves the concept of  a payment of a price, or more specifically, a “ransom.”
The Sanctity of Marriage 2012-05-25 I believe in the Lord’s Word. Love, morality, truth, sin and justice are all defined by God … not man. Marriage is holy. Marriage is of God. Marriage is between a man and a woman, not a man and a man, and not a woman and a woman.
The Servant Who Suffered For Us – An Easter Devotional 2011-05-22 If you had been a Jew in Jesus’ day, you probably would have been disappointed to learn that He was the promised and  long-expected Messiah.  The idea of a suffering messiah never gained general acceptance in the Jewish nation.
The Sheep of His Pasture 2014-11-03 God’s loving care for His children is often illustrated in the Bible through the example of how a shepherd provides care for his flock of sheep  (see Psalms 23:1-2; Psalms 74:1; Psalms 77:20; Isaiah 40:11; Isaiah 53:6; John 10:1-5;  John 10:7-16).  Psalm 100 is a “Song of Praise for the Lord’s Faithfulness to His People.”
The Son of God – How Will This Be? 2014-12-24 Mary was mystified by what the Angel of The Lord told her.  She had not known a man and yet she was with child!
The Son of Man 2014-12-25 Jesus is unique.  He is one of a kind.  He is the only one ever born as The Son of God and The Son of Man. 
The Spindly Grapevine 2013-07-19 God is the root and the vine and I am one of His branches. Without God as my root and vine I will not produce fruit!
The Sun of Righteousness 2015-03-21 In his article “The Solar System:  The Sun“, Jason Lisle, Ph.D of The Institute for Creation Research writes:  “At the heart of our solar system is the sun, a stable hydrogen “bomb” that gives off more energy every second than a billion major cities would use in an entire year. The sun is remarkable in its complexity and power. When we examine the science of the sun, we find that it confirms biblical creation.”
The True Vine and The Vinedresser 2019-02-14 Are you a gardener?  I am.  My wife and I have a raised bed flower and vegetable garden and a small orchard that we enjoy each spring, summer and fall. We have learned so much about God through the process of tilling the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the plants, pruning and caring for the vines and fruit trees, and harvesting and preserving the bounty.  Without the continuous and tender care we provide to our little garden it would not produce desirable flowers, fruits and vegetables.
The Word Became Flesh – A Christmas Devotional 2011-12-21 When Christ entered the world as a human baby He came from heaven to earth as the very specific living expression of His Father God.
The Word Became Flesh – A Christmas Devotional 2019-12-20 Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of “Christ” Jesus … not Santa Claus, not giving and getting, not friends, not even family.
Today in Christian History: May 30 2016-05-31 What a wonderful Christian witness! To God be the Glory for Watchman Nee.
TURKEY TIME – 8 Gobblers Visit Us 2016-03-01 This morning we were privileged to have 8 wild turkeys visit with us at our mountain house.  We regularly hear them gobbling in the nearby wooded areas, but don’t get to see them close-up like this that often.
Two Gates, Two Paths, Two Destinations 2019-01-05 As Jesus was wrapping up The Sermon on the Mount, recorded in the Bible by Matthew in chapters 5-7, He presented the crowds with the opportunity to make an important personal decision.  Hearers were presented with a life altering choice to make their way through one of Two Gates … the narrow gate or the wide gate.
We Do Not Lose Heart 2014-11-21 Have you known someone who is critically ill and they are physically declining?  Yet, in the face of such adversity, the depth of their spiritual life seems to be increasing.  How is it that while the physical body and overall health and vitality  declines that the inward spirit grows?  As humans our physical bodies, the outward man,  will deteriorate … there is no question about that.  We were created that way by Almighty God.  But our spirit, the inward man, was created as eternal.  It will last forever.  The Apostle Paul in his second letter to the church at Corinth provides an answer.  He considered his physical afflictions as momentary, preparing him for the “eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”
Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant 2015-06-30 Today I will be attending the Memorial Service for my dear friend Bernie Webb. Through his personal example and his blog, Believing IN Christ Jesus through ALL things,  Bernie has positively influenced the lives of countless thousands.
What Is A Friend? 2011-09-23 With the advent of modern social networking programs such as Facebook, the word “friend” has taken on another new meaning … one that actually distorts the traditionally accepted meaning of the word, particularly for our younger community.
Whatever You Do … Give Thanks to God 2014-11-27 In our daily lives all of us will face trials and tribulations.  Some seem to move from one crisis to the next . . . failing health of parents, grave personal illness, rebellious teenagers, depression, job loss, financial burdens, divorce, the so-called “mid-life crisis”.  The list is endless.  Yet many Christians seem to handle such situations much better than others.  How is that possible?  The Word of God teaches us that no matter the circumstances,  whatever you do,  we are to give thanks to God.
When God Has Had Enough 2012-04-09 God will not be mocked.  There are consequences to sin, both here and now and for eternity.  God’s righteousness demands it.  Could the same consequences God allowed to fall on Israel and Judah be true for America?
When God Has Had Enough – repost


2014-08-19 My heart is so full because of the depravity of our nation. We continue to head down the wrong path with little or no regard to the ultimate consequences of our individual and collective sin. Do you agree?
Where Was God? 2012-12-19 A link to a video featuring Mike Huckabee with no editorializing on my part.  I had been thinking about writing on the subject regarding the unspeakably horrible shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School but when I saw this video I knew there was no way for me to express myself any better than Mr. Huckabee has done.
Why Are You Afraid? 2019-01-10 I was reading a devotion from one of my favorite publications today and was inspired to do a little research.  The focal verse for the devotion is Matthew 8:26 (ESV) –  And He [Jesus] said to them, Why are you afraid, O you of little faith? Then He rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace 2015-12-23 Seven hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ Isaiah prophesied that God would give the world a child, not just any child, but a unique child … a child to redeem His people.
Yeshua – The Name Above Every Name 2014-12-10 Ancient Hebrew names often carried great significance.  Sometimes a name related to one’s ancestors.  Sometimes a name referred to one’s personality.  Often a name referred to specific events … perhaps those surrounding one’s birth.  Sometimes a name indicated the hope for the character, nature or mission of one’s child.  Sometimes a name reflected an expectation for the way that God would use one’s life.