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Jim’s latest book, “Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul,” is now available in Paperback and eBook formats. Click on the Book cover below to access Jim’s Book Store:

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 FREE eBook – Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular

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Now available in eBook and Paperback

An Attitude of Thankfulness

Second Volume in the Series  Christian Quick Studies & Devotions

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

  • An Attitude of Thankfulness (New – Released for Purchase October 10, 2014)

An Attitude of Thankfulness

eBook ($0.99) – from Lulu

Paperback ($8.99 $14.99 less 40% discount)

New Release – September 29, 2014

The Fall of a Godly Nation

Now Available In Paperback and eBook Format

Book 4 Front Cover Picture with Title

Paperback ($7.17 $11.95 less 40% discount)
eBook ($0.99) 

Will you please consider the purchase of Jim’s Books for your own library and as gifts to others?  Once you have read the book (paperback or hardback) you could pass it on to a friend.  Purchasing one of Jim’s books will aid in the spread of the gospel message of Jesus.

It is not my purpose to derive any profit from my writing.  Instead, my purpose is to spread the message of Jesus Christ and guarantee as many people as possible will spend their eternity in Heaven.

  • Thanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular

Thanksgiving Day - Religious to SeculareBook (Free!)from Lulu – for a limited time only Download for Free!!

Paperback ($14.95) – from Amazon.com ($13.46 – 10% discount) ***

Paperback ($14.95) – from Lulu – ($8.97 – 40% discount per special arrangement with my publisher – same book, better deal)

eBook ($2.95) – from Smashwords

  •  Christian Devotions & Quick Studies

Christian Devotions & Quick Studies - Paperback - Front CoverHardback ($29.95)***40% discount – 17.97 ***

Paperback ($9.95) ***40% discount – $5.97***

eBook ($3.95) – ***special limited offer $0.99***

  • Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul – (coming soon)

Hardback (coming soon)
Paperback (coming soon)
eBook (coming soon)

My eBooks are available for all of the popular eReaders including the Kindle, Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Palm, Web Browser, RTF (viewable with most word processors), PDF, and most PC based e-reading apps such as Stanza, Aldiko, and Adobe Digital Editions.


Christian Devotions & Quick Studies - Paperback - Front CoverChristian Devotions & Quick Studies

This book is a compilation of selected articles and devotions on a variety of Christian topics.  Some touch on items of importance to the local church such as how to deal with rumors and gossip, the Biblical pattern for giving, the comparison of givers and takers, harboring grudges, and the proper order for worship.  Many of the articles provide advice to the individual Christian on their daily walk with God including such topics as lifestyle choices, the sanctity of life, changes brought about by the salvation experience, how to deal with fear, facing tough times, being a friend, and making right choices.  Several articles touch on Islam with one providing a basic comparison to Christian beliefs.  Others address the nature of God, the gift of Jesus, and the believer’s sufficiency in Christ.

Not everyone will appreciate the author’s point of view, but his purpose is to make you think … and in particular to think about and strengthen your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Devotions & Quick Studies

… About Jim Davenport
… About My Blog – jimdavenport.wordpress.com
… About This Book
1. Fully God, Fully Man!!
2. The Greatest Gift Ever Given
3. How Great Thou Art
4. The Proper Order
5. Committed to a Different Lifestyle
6. That’s A Good Place to Say Amen
7. Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul
8. On Proper Corporate Worship
9. On the Sanctity of Life and Abortion
10. Facing Tough Times
11. Is Anything too Hard for God?
12. Salvation Brings About Positive Change
13. Christianity versus Islam
14. On Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood
15. On Radical Islam and Jihad
16. The Bread of Life
17. On Harboring a Grudge
18. On Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law
19. The Servant Who Suffered For Us
20. On Christians Spreading Rumors and Gossip in the Church
21. On Biblical Giving to the Local Church
22. Believers as Givers versus Takers
24. What Is A Friend?
25. Revisiting … “On Christians Spreading Rumors and Gossip in the Church”
26. Do Not Fear
27. Lifestyle Choices and Biblical Truth
28. Seven Keys to Successful Christian Living
29. “Do!” – A Call to Right Christian Action
30. Blessings in Disguise* – A Thanksgiving Devotional
31. The Believer’s Sufficiency in Christ
32. The Word Became Flesh – A Christmas Devotional
33. In His Own Image
34. How to Become a Christian


Christian Devotions & Quick Studies - eBook CoverThanksgiving Day – Religious to Secular

In what now seems to be the ancient past, many of the early Europeans who risked their lives to settle the lands of the Americas were dependent on God and openly thankful for His blessings. The celebration of a day or season of Thanksgiving was a religious observance accompanied by worship, prayer, a hearty meal and a community attitude of thankfulness. In modern times the day or season of Thanksgiving that started in the colonies as a religious observance has transitioned over time to a primarily secular long weekend spent with family and friends while over-eating, watching football and shopping like crazy.

This book traces the history of how the celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States of America has changed from the time of the Pilgrims in 1621 to the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. The primary purpose of the book is to encourage Christians to refocus their Thanksgiving Day celebration away from the secular to the religious with an emphasis on giving thanks to our Creator and Providential Provider … Almighty Jehovah God.

… Dedication
… About Jim Davenport
… About My Blog – jimdavenport.wordpress.com
Chapter 1 – The Pilgrims
Chapter 2 – Beyond the Pilgrims to Washington
Chapter 3 – Beyond Washington to Lincoln
Chapter 4 – Beyond Lincoln to Obama
Appendix A – Notes, Proclamations and Events
Appendix B – List of United States Presidents
Appendix C – Religious Affiliation – Summary
Appendix D – Religious Affiliation – Detail
Appendix E – List of Links


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