Favorite Family Photos

Tribute to Jacob Calvin Lowery & Sarah Frances Jones Lowery Family


We Are So Blessed!!

Here’s a video of the family of J. C. and Frances Lowery compiled from photos taken over the years.  What a family!!



2020 Christmas


Great Grandchildren Christmas picture for 2020! Good lookin’ kids for sure!! L-R: Rhett, Tyler, Quinn, Rhory.


Rhett modeling a Christmas outfit for his Mom’s online Boutique. Handsome little dude!


2020 Thanksgiving

2020-11-28 Family Photo taken at our outside Thanksgiving Gathering at the park in Lawrenceville hosted by Keven and Amy. Adults L-R: Papa, Nana, Mason, Rebecca, Josh, Ashlyn, Amy and Keven. Children L-R: Rhett (4y8m), Rhory (6y3m), Tyler (2y10m) and Quinn (10m).

Quinny with an attitude!! Remind you and someone?

Great Grandchildren visit Nana and Papa outside at home in Deaton Creek. Ashlyn made a “surprise” visit on the Monday before Thanksgiving. First time we had seen them in person since Feb 2020! Our hearts were FULL!









Rhory at play with her oversized Frisbee. She could really control that thing!

Quinn wasn’t so sure about this foursome! She doesn’t want to be too far from her Mom!











Quinn and Happy Nana at Keven & Amy’s home in Lawrenceville.

A happy Granddad, aka Otter Pop!







Hanging out after Thanksgiving Lunch in the Park.


Quinny begins her workouts for one year old Soccer Team! (Haha!)

Ashlyn land Josh … enjoying the Park. Thankful for these wonderful grandchildren !

Tyler and Quinn are true friends!! (taken prior to Thanksgiving)



Mason and Rebecca enjoying the lake on a nice December 2020 day.


Rhory at the beach with her family in South Carolina over the Labor Day Weekend.

What a wonderful picture of our little Rhory … Summer 2020.


2017 Christmas

2017-12-25 Christmas Day Family Photo L/R: Rhory, Charlotte, Jim, Rhett, Rebecca, Mason, Josh, Ashlyn, Amy, Keven



2017-12-25 Charlotte & Rhory with the Tepee Christmas Gift









2017-12-25 Mason & Rhett in the Teepee

2017-12-25 Mason having fun in the Teepee

2017-12-25 Amy and Smiling Rhory in the Teepee


2017-12-25 Josh Enjoying the Children

2017-12-25 Papa Jim opening Christmas Gift

Click the following link for:   2014-2016 Together Photos Video

2014-2016 Together Video – Click Photo to View


2016-12-25 Amy & Rhory

2016-12-25 Mason & Rebecca

2016-12-25 Charlotte, Rhory, Ashlyn, Rebecca

2016-12-25 Rhory, Josh, Rhett & Ashlyn

2017-12-25 Otter Pop (Keven) & Rhett

2014 Davenport Family Thanksgiving Pic

2014 Davenport Family Thanksgiving – L/R: Jim, Charlotte, Ashlyn, Rhory, Josh, Rebecca, Mason, Amy, Keven






2012 Christmas Card for Family, Friends and Followers

2012 Christmas Card

Family Christmas Photo – December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Charlotte, Jim, Keven, Amy, Mason, Ashlyn, Josh

Davenport Christmas 2013 – Charlotte, Jim, Keven, Amy, Mason, Ashlyn, Josh
Ashlyn is holding a Teddy Bear in memory of Sawyer Joshua Murphy (04/09/13 – 04/27/13), Ashlyn & Josh’s son. Jim is holding an ornament made by Ashlyn and Josh with an imprint of Sawyer’s footprint.  Sawyer will forever be a part of our family.  He is with the Heavenly Father where he is perfect in every way!

One of My Favorite Pictures. Jim & Charlotte at a much younger age when Jim was a runner and Charlotte still had her long hair. Love it!!

One of My Favorite Pictures. Jim & Charlotte at a much younger age when Jim was a runner and Charlotte still had her long hair. Love it!!


2 Responses to Favorite Family Photos

  1. Milt Hasty says:

    Jimmy: I stumbled upon your blog today and just had to say Hi. I am Milton Hasty from just a few years ago at White Oak Hills Baptist… We just happen to be members at Christ Place Church and I work at Eagle Ranch. Hope you and family are well.


    • jimdavenport says:

      Milt, I do indeed remember you. We were friends as teenagers at White Oak Hills. It is so good to hear from you. My wife and I were married at White Oak Hills 58+ years ago. We have been members of Christ Place Church since 2014. We live in The Village at Deaton Creek … right next door to Eagle Ranch. May God bless your ministry at Eagle Ranch. Perhaps we can have coffee one day to share some of our life experiences. Jimmy (aka “Jim”)


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