InfoSys, founded by Jim Davenport in 1994, is short for InfoSys Solutions Associates, Inc. Since its beginning InfoSys has provided senior level trusted advisor, project management, transition management, strategic planning, and interim IT management staffing services. Over the years Jim and his associates have assisted countless large companies with both domestic and international operations.

In 2010 Jim began to publish Bible based Christian articles written from a layman’s perspective and Raised Bed Gardening articles as an extension to the InfoSys business model at WordPress.   Jim has since published six books which are available in eBook and Paperback. Click the link to preview, download and purchase Jim’s Books.

In 2004 Jim, along with another senior IT professional became a founding partner of IT Governance Partners, LLC. Before retiring in 2010 Jim, along with other senior members of the IT Governance Partners team, assisted a major Fortune 100 company with the transformation of their revenue cycle including business processes and related systems. Jim led the original team that researched and documented the “as is” process and the team that provided the vision for the future “to be” processes. Providing guidance through the Project Management Office, Jim oversaw the design, development and implementation of a major call center application supporting the Order to Cash business process that significantly improved customer service and greatly reduced call handling time. He also provided PMO leadership to the application design and development teams as they implemented over forty real-time and batch interfaces to other supporting systems. Additionally, Jim provided PMO oversight for the technical architecture and infrastructure teams supporting multiple projects.

Previously, Jim served the same client as Project Advisor for the implementation of the company’s first perpetual Inventory system covering more than 140 locations. He also led a separate study that resulted in a fully documented Project Development Plan to implement a new Project Accounting system. Prior to joining IT Governance Partners, Davenport served as Vice President of a major consulting company, as CIO for an international office products provider, and as the director of systems engineering for a national systems developer and integrator. His work assignments have been accomplished in consulting, in-house, client, and vendor environments. He possesses the highest degree of professionalism in managing expectations, building strategic alliances, and navigating political waters.

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