2016 – Fruits & Veggies

We were a couple of weeks late  starting our garden this year.  I will be updating this page over the next few weeks.



There is 100 year-old hard pear tree located on our Lookout Mountain property. Seeing fruit on the tree is unusual nowadays and brings back so many fond childhood memories. It is located next to my maternal grandmother’s house which is now in deep woods and has long been abandoned. The tree is approaching 100 years old. Just about every rural mountain homestead had such a tree (or trees) because they were so hardy and were heavy producers. The pears were so hard that they were best when cooked to soften them up. My grandmother canned preserves and made pear relish and lined the jars up on shelves located in the dirt floor cellar below the house. After we married Charlotte made pear preserves from these pears several times. In recent years we gathered some pears from a neighbors adjacent property (formerly my grandmother’s sister’s property) and made pear preserves and pear relish. Maybe this year we can renew the tradition by making preserves using pears from this old family tree. Oh that we could produce fruit as Christians like this old pear tree!!