2016 Flowers of the Garden


6/1 – This is a prime time for viewing the flowers of our garden. What a beautiful and peaceful display of God’s handiwork!

….never seen so many blooms on one Hydrangea …… The blooms are smaller than normal but in abundance. The two smaller ones in front suffered from a cold snap or chemical wash that was used to clean the house…..they are so resilient! This is just outside the kitchen of our mountain house….great breakfast view.

5/31 – This is what keeps us active in the spring, summer and early fall. We were a little late getting started this year but things are now going strong! Love our garden!

5/29 – CLD – Enjoying the beauty of Gods creation this Sunday morning while watching our Blackshear Place Baptist Church Service live …… online!😊

05/25 – The lacecap hydrangeas are beautiful this year. Charlotte really knows how to care for them. Nothing can match the beauty of God’s creation! 😇❤️🌺💗😇

05/18 – I have been fighting to control common privet at our Mountain house for years. It grows like crazy and easily spreads via its plentiful small purple berries. Pictured here is one case in our garden where it is under control. When it blooms it is striking! God is at work … Even with privet!

05/14 – We are so pleased that some of our prized flowers (the fiery Red Hot Poker – Kniphofia) became part of the flower arrangement for Pentecost Sunday at St Joseph’s on the Mountain church. Thanks to our friends, the Kerachers, for sharing the photo! And Thanks be to God for sending His Holy Spirit upon the Disciples and the church on the Day of Pentecost as described in Acts 2!!

5/12 – Love this little portion of our wildflower rock garden … Something new blooming almost every day!! And just think … God knows and cares for each of these flowers … Just as He knows and cares for each of His children!

05/10 – One of my favorite flowers in our mountain garden is the succulent Ice Plant (Delosperma). It is a perennial ground cover with shimmering daisy-like flowers. The plants grow to be about 3 to 6 inches tall and 2 to 4 feet wide and require little to no attention. Just give them room to spread.








5/5 – CLD – Arrived at the mountain house to find several plants still blooming….