Jim & Charlotte’s Garden

Welcome to Jim & Charlotte’s Garden.  This is our website for our raised bed garden on Lookout Mountain in Mentone, Alabama where the air is clean, the view is clear and the temperature is generally cool.  We get so much enjoyment from the time we spend together working in our garden.  This is the story of how it came about including some pictures to give you a better understanding of our garden.  First an introduction, then some background on the history of the garden plot, then selected pictures and narrative about the garden construction, and finally the fruits of the garden.  We hope that by viewing this site that you will be encouraged to begin some form of home gardening yourself.

Jim & Charlotte’s Garden Front Corner View – 2012-06-09



Longing for Springtime

I am so ready for spring and early summer in our Mentone Flower and Vegetable garden! Enjoy some of our memories from last year at this link.


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4 Responses to Jim & Charlotte’s Garden

  1. bwebbjr says:

    Jim – love this new section of the blog and based on the first picture I’m looking forward to the next new section on your hang-gliding adventures. Looks like a wonderful way to spend time (sorry – no green thumb here!).

    Blessings IN Christ to you and Charlotte!



    • jimdavenport says:

      Bernie, wish I could say that I had the guts to do the hang gliding … not so. Too old now and my heart couldn’t take it … not sure it ever could have. Our mountain home is located near the hang gliding center on Lookout Mountain south of Chattanooga near Trenton Georgia. We often go there to watch the brave souls launch themselves into the thermals that rise thousands of feet next to the mountain cliffs.

      Gardening is our love and now our passion. We so enjoy God’s creation and never cease to be amazed at the variety of God’s handiwork. Soon I will be posting the “Fruits of the Garden” section … mostly pictures with some narrative … showing our flowers in bloom and the harvest of the fruits and vegetables.

      Really enjoying your blog and pray that God will continue to bless you in your battle with cancer.

      Jim D.


      • bwebbjr says:

        Jim, I would never take that step off the cliff either … even in the best of health. We have enjoyed watching the hang gliders off Lookout Mountain near Trenton a few times over the last 30-35 years … it is indeed a beautiful sight and I agree completely … they are indeed brave souls!

        Thanks for your kind words about the blog … and God has been so good to me and my family throughout this cancer journey.

        Your garden is absolutely beautiful and truly reflects a lot of planning and hard work. Loved seeing the picture of it covered in snow. My grandmother loved her garden and it brought her a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment … so I can understand the enjoyment this must bring you and Charlotte.



      • jimdavenport says:

        Bernie, if you go back that way to watch the hang gliders visit The Canyon Grill for dinner. It is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to … And I have travelled extensively over my career. We can now live our fantasies through others. Jim D.


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