Favorite Sermons

Dr. O. M. Seigler

These rare and powerful sermons, preached by Dr. O. M. Seigler when he was 83 years of age, were recorded live on cassette tapes at the  Pine Lake Baptist Church (PLBC) in 1974-75.  Dr. Seigler was serving PLBC as Interim Pastor at the time and served as Interim Pastor again in 1980.  Ultimately, Dr. Seigler served more than 76 terms as Interim after he retired from the everyday pastorate.  The cassettes were carefully and lovingly preserved by Gene Johnson over the years and ultimately converted to digital MP3 format by Jim Davenport in 2018. They are presented here for your personal edification and enjoyment.  Dr. Seigler’s bold messages, filled with his life experiences, will challenge ALL who listen to be serious about their commitment to Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

For a brief article about Dr. Seigler follow this link.

Heartfelt Religion – December 15, 1974 AM

Who and Where is Your God – February 2, 1975 AM

The Banquet of this World – February 2, 1975 PM

The Roles and Responsibilities of Man and Woman – January 26, 1975 PM

PLBC – Missions Sunday – January 26, 1975 AM

Ralph Cash, Chairman of the Deacons, led in prayer.  Dr. Seigler introduced the lay speakers for the day. Glen Crisler focused on the missions through the local church by relating his experience leading the Pine Lake Baptist Church Men’s Brotherhood group.  Ray Bridges spoke of his experiences with the Atlanta Baptist Association of which PLBC was an active member at that time.  Jim Davenport spoke on the missions efforts of the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Home Mission Board, and the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention supported by the SBC Cooperative Program. Dr. O. M. Seigler concluded the service with a challenge to support the missions efforts followed by a closing Hymn.

Joseph – Life’s Ups and Downs – November 3, 1974 PM Service

Others to follow….