Moving On – In Accordance With God’s Will


Our Home of 27 Years Today is an exciting and highly emotional day for my wife and I.  It is filled with wonderful memories of the past and pleasant expectations for our future.  You see, we are in the process of moving away from our home of twenty-seven years.

Spring Back View 4740Shade Garden 4740 2We love our home, the neighborhood, our friends and neighbors, and especially our church where we have faithfully served for half a century.   We designed our home for the two of us with the help of an architect such that it would perfectly fit our lifestyle for many years to come as we grew older.  We carefully planned the landscape to complement the heavily wooded lot and leave it as natural as possible.  We spent years planting and tending to all the hundreds of different flowers and shrubs that make up what we call our “Shade Garden.”  Our home and Shade Garden is our personal sanctuary.

PLBC postcardOur church friends have been a joy … supportive, encouraging and caring … fun to be with … prayer partners in times of distress and heartache … teachers, living examples, accountability partners … believers in truth, doing what is right, treating one another with love, compassion and respect.  Together we have witnessed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people turn their lives over to Christ and many yield their future lives to full-time ministry as pastors, youth-ministers, missionaries, denominational leaders and even seminary professors.

Making the decision to leave the comfort and safety of our beloved home and church has not been easy.  It has taken many years of praying and continuous prodding by the Lord.   As we prayed we asked God to show us His will and provide His timing for our move.  We also prayed for the faith and strength to accept His will.    When we finally turned everything over to God we received His assurance that He is in control and would provide for our every need.

We are excited about what God is doing in our lives and are firmly convinced we are in The Lord’s will.

Moving On is always difficult when you are content with your current circumstances.  But staying in your comfort zone may not be what God wants for you.  Consider the example of Abram, likely content in his current situation, but willing to listen and follow Jehovah God’s bidding to leave his home In Accordance With God’s Will.

Scripture: (all ESV unless otherwise noted)

Genesis 12:1-7 – Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”So Abram went, as the Lord had told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran.  And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had gathered, and the people that they had acquired in Haran, and they set out to go to the land of Canaan. When they came to the land of Canaan, Abram passed through the land to the place at Shechem, to the oak of Moreh. At that time the Canaanites were in the land. Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him. 


By any standard Abraham (Abram) was an old man … seventy-five years of age.  Yet God chose Abraham for an important mission.  God literally spoke to Abraham revealing His will for his life.  God’s audible words were direct and to the point: “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.”  God had a specific plan in mind for Abraham and his family.  He told Abraham to “Go“.  It was time for Abraham to Move On, regardless of his comfortable surroundings and circumstances.

Abraham listened and responded to God’s command … doing as he was told.  Abraham gathered his family and set off on God’s mission.  The way ahead would not be easy.  At times it would not be immediately clear to him that God’s purpose was being accomplished.  Yet he remained faithful and continued his journey under the leadership of the Lord.

Through Abraham God would “make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”  God’s blessings would be abundant.  God would use the Abraham and his descendents to build a great nation, a nation of people who would bring glory to Him … a nation that would ultimately be a blessing to the rest of the world and point them toward Him.

God speaks to us today in multiple ways, most particularly through His written word recorded in the Bible.  We don’t always have to know in advance the means by which God plans to accomplish His will and purpose through us.  Abraham did not know in advance, yet followed God faithfully.


Throughout his life Abraham (Abram) listened to God and followed His leadership … even when God’s will was difficult or painful to obey.  Abraham made mistakes, just like the rest of us, but the totality of his life clearly demonstrated his remarkable faith and his obedience in following God’s will.  The Lord revealed His plans to Abraham over time, not all at once.  That required Abraham to continuously show his faithfulness by trusting that God would reveal the next steps as Abraham needed to know them.  The Bible and the personal experience of my wife and I have taught us that God is ALWAYS faithful to reveal and fulfill His will and show us what He wants us to do next.  God does this In His Time, not ours.

Are you confused as to what God’s will might be for you?  In your prayer time are you specifically asking God to reveal to you His will for you and your family?  Praying is not enough.  Listening to God is essential to walking with God.  Take that first step with faith believing that God will reveal your next move when you need to know.  There is no need for a Christian to remain in a state of confusion as to God’s will for their life.  Abraham listened … Abraham acted.  We listened …  we acted.  We are anxious to know what God has in store for us next!

Will you pause for a moment and share this prayer with us?

Holy Father, may my wife and I continue to be faithful to You and do Your will.  Forgive us when we fail and put us back on the right course.  May we be completely open to Moving On In Accordance With Your Will. We love You Lord, and know that You love us and want the very best for us.  We thank you for your grace and mercy.  Amen, and Amen.


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Jim Davenport resides in the USA in Northeast Georgia, is a member of a Southern Baptist Church and is a retired Christian business man. Jim and his wife Charlotte have one son and daughter in law, Keven and Amy, four grandchildren – Ashlyn (Davenport) & Josh Murphy, Mason & Rebecca (Knight) Davenport and four great-grandchildren. Jim and Charlotte own a mountain get-away home located on Lookout Mountain in Alabama where they spend many spring, summer and fall days working in their raised bed organic garden. Jim has served as a Deacon and Trustee in his local church most of his adult life and on the Executive Committee and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees of Shorter University, an intentionally Christian institution located in Rome, Georgia. Jim has a passion for the word of God and has always believed that Christian principles should guide every aspect of his life. He also loves Christian music and often served as a tenor soloist in his church. One of the highlights of his life was the nearly 20 years he spent singing with The Good News, a Southern Gospel quartet. Jim served as an Information Technology professional his entire working career of 50 years holding senior positions in and consulting with hundreds of world-class organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Jim remains as President and CEO of InfoSys Solutions Associates, Inc. and is a retired partner of IT Governance Partners, LLC, both of which are “Trusted Advisor” technology and business consulting firms. Jim has authored a number of books available at His blog has ben read by readers from more than 170 countries. Jim holds both a BS and an MS in Mathematics from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and completed Management Development Training at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
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7 Responses to Moving On – In Accordance With God’s Will

  1. bwebbjr says:


    Thanks for sharing your story about this big move … based on all you had established and accomplished in your prior home and church family, there is little doubt that this is indeed a big step of faith in response to the leading of the Lord. Consequently your teaching about Abraham and the big move for him and Sarah is so appropriate. We join you in your closing prayer and may the Lord continue to truly guide, keep and bless you, Charlotte and your family in everything you do!.

    Thanks for your testimony and your firm stance of faith IN Christ Jesus brother!



  2. Faye Minch says:

    You have always been a blessing to us. May God richly bless you as you seek His will daily.


    • jimdavenport says:

      Faye, God has indeed richly blessed us!! We have so much for which we are thankful. You do too. Wonderful children and grandchildren are a blessing to both of us. The time we invested in our children teaching them about Jesus when they were young has paid huge dividends. God is to be praised for His marvelous and matchless grace.



  3. Liz Lawson Favaro says:


    Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! I so enjoyed our talks at Emory. I hope all is well with you. I love your writings and I especially relate to this. In 2007 God pushed me from my comfort zone in Little Rock to move to Atlanta where I knew no one. It meant leaving my children and the closeness of family. He used the story of Abraham and Sarah to open the eyes of my heart of obedience. God has done a tremendous work in my life and my mission field is the work place of Emory. I pray to live a life completely suited to Him submitting myself daily. Also He made my heart content with living in Dawsonville and led us (He led me to my awesome husband in 2010)to First Baptist Dawsonville where I am so privileged to teach 2nd grade Sunday School and sing in the choir. I know that God has so much more for you and your wife or He wouldn’t move you! Keep up the writing and stay well Brother in Christ!

    Liz Favaro RN

    Sent from my iPhone



    • jimdavenport says:

      Liz, I miss seeing you when I visit Dr. Hoskins. They tell me that you are now at St Josephs. I am sure that is closer to your home and I hope you like your new position. Moving On is one of the hardest things to do for the Christian. Listening carefully to God and following His direction seems so hard … but when we finally get out of the way, quit telling Him what we want to happen and accept His plan for us … things immediately get better and begin to work out. I will keep writing as long as I have the strength. Thank you for your encouragement. Jim D.


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