This section of my blog will contains pdf files for some of the Bible Lessons that I have developed over the years.  Click the links below to view and/or download the lessons in pdf format.

Available Lessons

  1. The Characteristics of a Godly Mother – A Lesson of Encouragement for Mothers and Grandmothers. Today’s world is filled with so much confusion, wickedness and Godlessness. More than ever our world needs mothers and grandmothers as possessors of “sincere faith” in Almighty God to make a positive impact on the next generation and all those around them.
  2. God Will Provide – A Lesson on Living the Christian Life in Times of Trouble.  Whatever the situation might be, God is in control. God always hears your prayers. God always has THE answer for ALL of your troubles.  God Knows!  God Cares!  GOD WILL PROVIDE!!
  3. Rejoice Always! – A Lesson on Living a Life Filled with Joy from the Apostle Paul. Christians are never helpless victims of circumstances.  Joy does not come from what happens to us.  Rather, it results primarily from our attitude and the way we respond to our life experiences.
  4. Saying No to Alcohol and Drugs – This lesson uses the Bible to build an argument that substance abuse is primarily a moral and spiritual problem rather than a medical, educational or legal problem.  There are legitimate, compelling reasons to abstain from the use of all alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.  It is safe to say in today’s world that every family is dealing with this problem in some fashion or another.