Live Garden Cam & Videos

This still photo is a view of Jim and Charlotte’s Garden that is similar to that you can see on our Live Garden Cam. See access instructions below.

Jim and Charlotte’s Garden Cam View

****Sorry, a lightning strike has put the garden camera temporarily out of service****

Camera operates between the hours of 10:00am and 8:00pm Eastern.

Click on the link to view the Live Garden Cam

Note: The Live Garden Cam opens in a new window. You will need to close that window and return to this page to navigate to other places in Jim and Charlotte’s Garden. The maximum viewing time for each visit is one minute.  You will be asked to enter a User ID and Password:  enter “mentone” and “garden“.


Garden Videos:

  • Four Bucks Grazing – just below our garden.  Our 7 1/2 foot fence and the layout of our garden keeps the deer out … but there are tracks year round all around the outside.  It is highly unusual to see this many bucks at one time.  However, it is not unusual to see as many as 20-25 total deer at a time at different times of the year.


Navigation Links to other portions of Jim & Charlotte’s Garden:

3 Responses to Live Garden Cam & Videos

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  2. helen adams says:

    Garden Looks great! I have gathered a few cherry tomatoes off my bucket plants on the front porch and one yellow tomato. I have others growing but nothing like yours. Proud of you two. Don’t overdo. Have a great time and don’t get too hot. It’s been better here the last few days. The rain helped cool things off.


    • jimdavenport says:

      Helen, I think that you can see that gardening is our passion … veggies and flowers! Anyone can garden. It doesn’t take much space and container gardening is perfect for older people. That is why our garden is a raised bed garden. We want to be able to plant, tend and harvest as long as we are able. It not only provides excellent food, but is food for the mind and peaceful to the soul. God’s handiwork is all around. After all, God placed Adam and Eve in a wonderful garden. We should be so blessed!

      As for working too hard, I only do what I can. I work early in the mornings and late in the evenings when it is cooler. My health continues to improve and I received a great doctors report this week. Come back the the Garden Cam often and visit the other pages related to our garden. I am always updating the site … more therapy that I can do inside during the heat of the day. Jim D.


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