That’s A Good Place to Say Amen

Background: Dr. O. M. Seigler served as Interim Pastor at Pine Lake Baptist Church in 1974-75 and again in the early 1980’s. Dr. Seigler was an incredible man. A biography appropriately named “Who Said Quit!” by James Adams Lester was published in 1978. Dr. Seigler was in his late 80’s when he served our church the second time and had done 76 previous interim pastorate positions since his retirement. His wife was gravely ill during his second tenure as our interim pastor. But that did not keep Dr. Seigler from performing any of his duties. His first call was to his Lord and there was no question about it.

I’ll never forget what he told the Deacons when he was being “interviewed” as our potential Interim. He looked us square in the eye, broadened his shoulders and sternly asked if we were going to be busy helping him to do the work of the Lord or not. He quickly added that he knew that he didn’t have much time left on this earth and he had no time to waste … “if you don’t want to work … then don’t call me as your Interim Pastor.” He meant that with every fiber of his being. Actually, our Deacons were being interviewed by Dr. Seigler rather than the other way around. We were so impressed that we unanimously voted to recommend Dr. Seigler to the church.

What a blessing that decision turned out to be. Dr. Seigler accepted our call and immediately went to work in our community demonstrating his commitment to keeping his word and to God. He walked the streets of our nearby community and ultimately personally visited nearly every resident to share the gospel with them and invite them to our church. His commitment was infectious and our congregation joined in under his leadership. The church actually grew under his leadership over the next eight to ten months.

Reflection: Not only was Dr. Seigler a superb one on one witness for the Lord, he was a superb preacher. One Sunday he preached an unbelievable and fire filled sermon entitled “The Banquet of this World”. I wish I could find that cassette tape. I bet I listened to it ten times but have long since misplaced it. However, in my mind’s eye I can still see him in his short but sturdy stature lean forward after he had made an important point that he wanted to drive home. He would slap the pulpit, raise his voice and say “That’s a good place to say Amen!!!” And it always was a good place to do so. Today I can easily say the same. Dr. O. M. Seigler passed from this life on June 16, 1985, some eight months after his dear wife. When the gates of Heaven opened to accept his soul, I believe the angels in chorus could well have been singing “That’s a Good Place to Say Amen!”

Update 2018-08-27

My good friend Gene Johnson loaned me the copies of Dr. Seigler’s tapes that he had preserved over the years.  To listen to some of Dr. Seigler’s sermons follow this link.

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Jim Davenport resides in the USA in Northeast Georgia, is a member of a Southern Baptist Church and is a retired Christian business man. Jim and his wife Charlotte have one son and daughter in law, Keven and Amy, four grandchildren – Ashlyn (Davenport) & Josh Murphy, Mason & Rebecca (Knight) Davenport and four great-grandchildren. Jim and Charlotte own a mountain get-away home located on Lookout Mountain in Alabama where they spend many spring, summer and fall days working in their raised bed organic garden. Jim has served as a Deacon and Trustee in his local church most of his adult life and on the Executive Committee and Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees of Shorter University, an intentionally Christian institution located in Rome, Georgia. Jim has a passion for the word of God and has always believed that Christian principles should guide every aspect of his life. He also loves Christian music and often served as a tenor soloist in his church. One of the highlights of his life was the nearly 20 years he spent singing with The Good News, a Southern Gospel quartet. Jim served as an Information Technology professional his entire working career of 50 years holding senior positions in and consulting with hundreds of world-class organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Jim remains as President and CEO of InfoSys Solutions Associates, Inc. and is a retired partner of IT Governance Partners, LLC, both of which are “Trusted Advisor” technology and business consulting firms. Jim has authored a number of books available at His blog has ben read by readers from more than 170 countries. Jim holds both a BS and an MS in Mathematics from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and completed Management Development Training at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
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4 Responses to That’s A Good Place to Say Amen

  1. jimdavenport says:

    Brother West, I was so excited to see your post and to learn of your efforts to research the lineage of your grandfather and his brother Dr. O. M. Seigler. Unfortunately, I can’t be of much help regarding their genealogy. I can honestly say, however, that Dr. O. M. Seigler is one of the most memorable men I have met in my entire 68 year life time. Dr. Seigler spoke so highly of his family, his upbringing, his early life and the quality of those who helped shape his future. I wish you the best in your efforts. There is so much information available online today that I am sure that you will be able to accomplish your goal. God bless you brother.


  2. Pinckney Seigler West says:

    Hello my name is Pinckney Seigler West named after my grandfather Pinkney Jack Seigler who was O.M. Seigler’s brother and my Uncle. My Uncle O.M. was a great man and to honor him and his brother Jack Seigler I have been working on our family lineage. Uncle O.M. took pride in this triple heritage and at the moment am trying to find information to update the history that he left behind. I am now 57 and have much to share about our family lineage and wish to publish a book to carry on the history fore told me growing up as a child. If anyone can help me with his family genealogy it would be very much appreciated.


  3. Laurie Schmotzer says:

    I love this! He sounds like a sweet man and your article made me want to say AMEN!


    • jimdavenport says:

      Laurie, I have similar memories about your father. Writing about Dr. Siegler is a joy for me. I will be adding other memories over the next few months. Who knows, one of those memories may be about my friend CW. I appreciate your encouragement and wish you and your family the best.


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